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Nerd Rage - Elliott Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things. Nerd Rage - Jim 2.gif Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things.
Nerd Rage - Elliott Nerd Rage - Jim 2.gif Nerd Rage - jim Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things.
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Mature Audiences

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Nerd Rage - Update
Mature Audiences

August 2nd, 2013

For me, the most surprising part of these Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies trailers comes at the very beginning:

...Rated M? Seriously?

I suppose this is because -- despite being a comedy -- the games deal with, uh, murder. I can't imagine Capcom is particularly happy with this ruling.

Or maybe they don't care, considering it's getting a digital-only release.

And the reviews keep coming. This week we're looking at Bandai's D-Arts Megaman X! Scroll down or click the link!

Nerd Rage - Review - Revoltech Snake
Bandai - D-Arts Megaman X


This week we’re taking a step into the future, so get equipped with D-Arts Megaman X!  Not to be confused with Classic Mega Man, mine came courtesy of Bluefin through Amazon.  He’s been out of production for some time now in both the US and Japan.  This reissue is exclusive to the west!



Articulation on X is great, allowed for a lot of dynamic action poses.  Unlike his in-game predecessor, X’s feet have a ball joint connected to a swivel joint connected to another ball joint so his giant anime robot feet have a lot of range for running and jumping (the two staple elements of Megaman gameplay!).

X’s elbows and knees are double jointed for maximum range and the gap is concealed by a floating cuff of shiny gray plastic.  Sometimes this cuff wants to pop loose and flip to the bottom of the joint.  It doesn’t hinder any movement, but it does look dumb.  If they do come loose, they’re easy enough to pop back up.

I really don’t know what else to say. At no point did I feel like X’s articulation was limiting his potential, so Doctor Light can rest easy – after 30 years in stasis, I’d say this project was a success.


X has a slightly metallic, glossy paint scheme for his ‘armor’, unlike Classic Megaman’s matte plastic finish.  His torso, biceps, and thighs (the light blue portions of the design) are a more satin finish.  His forehead jewel (as well as those on his ‘ears’, buster tip, and feet) are transparent plastic over silver, giving a nice reflective effect.

There are some notable seam-lines, one of which is a necessity for the helmet to open up.  The boots and wrist guards have less of an excuse, beyond this being a toy and needing some way to be assembled.

He stands a little over 5 inches, putting him roughly in-scale with the other Blue Bomber, as well as the X-series Zero, Vile, and upcoming Sigma.


X comes with one X Buster, which can fit either arm in place of his standard wrists.  The connection on all three of these pieces feels a little weak.  They’re not going to pop off from gravity, but they have come loose while repositioning.  The short version of this is: don’t pose your X over that air vent that swallowed your best Lego pieces and you’ll be fine.

He also comes with three interchangeable face pieces.  The front of the helmet pops free so the face parts can be swapped.  I would recommend starting with the seam below each ear, applying too much stress to the brow could potentially break the thin plastic.

X also comes with two buster effects parts: a small chain of his regular, yellow shots and a large green charge shot.  To use either, first you’ll need to remove the ‘red jewel’ buster tip and replace it with the hollow, ring-shaped one.  The shoulder joint was strong enough to hold up the charge shot for the short time it took me to snap some pictures, but if I were to leave him that way I’d support it with a stand due to the weight of the piece.

At first glance the regular shot looks the same as the piece included with Classic Megaman, but after comparing them, X’s is actually a little larger with wider spacing.  Because X’s is bigger, they do not seem to be interchangeable.



• Nicely sized (scaling aside, he’s a meatier figure than Classic Megaman)
• Nicely articulated
• Two essential X effects parts included
• Extra hands and face plates

• Elbow connectors could be stronger
• Some notable seam lines.


X is a solid figure so there’s not a lot to complain about.  Two of my biggest issues with Classic were the size and boot articulation, neither of which are a problem here (and one of which is less of a detractor when he’s lined up against other figures he's scaled to).  You get two effects parts, extra hands, the buster and parts to switch out to X’s hands.

X has had two variants – the SDCC exclusive metallic release and Tamashii Nations comic version – as well as the Full Armor version and upcoming Ultimate Armor, but the vanilla release has been out or production for a long time.  I think I made the same decision a lot of people did and opted to wait on X until the second version of Zero was released, and missed my chance in the process.  My Zero has been solo since December, so Bluefin’s reissue was a welcome addition to their 2013 lineup.

Remember, though, Bluefin is only re-releasing this figure in the North American market.  If you want to fight for everlasting peace in the year 20XX (where XX=13), you can head over to Amazon (or local Bluefin retailers) and order your own!

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