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Nerd Rage - Elliott Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things. Nerd Rage - Jim 10.gif Nerd Rage - A Comic about nerds raging over nerdy things.
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Don't Be Such A Pill

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Nerd Rage - Update
Don't Be Such A Pill

October 12th, 2012

Resident Evil 6 continues the tradition of killing virulent-undead monsters while using household herbs as life-saving medicine. Except this time your herbs turn into tabs. And you put them in a case. And everyone time you want to heal you just shake a couple free and pop them in your mouth.

Because of this, me and the friend I'm playing it with casually refer to the new "herb tablets" as tic tacs. I really wanted to make a strip about a Resident Evil Mentos commercial, but the idea worked a lot better in concept than it does as a flat, musicless comic strip.

I'm really surprised reviews are tearing this game apart, though. What's that? Action-game Resident Evil isn't scary? It's supposed to be a horror series? I think you need to take a moment to rewatch this:

Never mind, I'm scared knowing Whesker's highlighter-dyejob even existed.

Is the game perfect? No, not really. It certainly has it share of flaws, from bizarre camera angles to goofy animation. But isn't that what Resident Evil has always been about? I don't think I'm playing a Resident Evil game without some extreme camera angles. It seems to me every couple years early reviewers find a game they consider to be a "last straw", and give it a terrible review. Everyone else, seeing these initial bad reviews, will latch onto the idea. The bad reviews snowball, and the game is universally reviled regardless of actual quality.

I really don't feel like RE6 is of lower quality than RE5. It has all the charm of a shlocky B-movie or a trope-riddled summer blockbuster (there will be jumping out of explosions), which makes co-op gameplay all the more fun, in my opinion. In addition, Capcom has swiped most of Demon Souls/Dark Souls online features (right down to their low chance of actually working), adding an entire mode that lets up to two players enter another player's campaign and attack them. If that's not your cup of tea, it can be turned off during game setup.

Someone will inevitably counter this whole argument, though, with a list of every glitch, camera bug, or bad animation in the game. "No amount of fun should excuse sloppy mistakes," Mr. Fictional Guy will argue. To which I will gladly point out Skyrim -- a masterpiece that seems to be a mass of glitches that spontaneously formed into a game -- was nominated as Game of the Year by a lot of publications.

Just something to think about it. I'm enjoying the game, anyway.

Finally, I have a message to my readers:

I want to thank all of those who discovered Nerd Rage via Reddit.

A couple weeks ago my account was shadowbanned, a type of silent banning that does not alert the user. The account can still submit and comment, but no one will ever see these actions.  Be aware that this same ban could happen to your account at any time, without warning. The whole point is that you won't know it happened.

I've contacted some very nice moderators on r/comics, who told me to contact the Reddit Administrators. The Reddit Administrators have not answered back. According to the r/comic mods, they may never answer back if they feel the ban was justified. After waiting, without reply, I sent a message to Reddit's feedback contact. I have not heard from them. At this point, I'm not even sure of the reason the account was banned.

I've been told by a few other sources that Reddit is frowning on original content if it is submitted or discussed by the creator. I have more I could say on this policy, but I will hold further comments until I know for certain if this is true.

Whatever the case, Reddit has been an invaluable part of communicating with readers on a personal level. Their thoughts, responses, and questions have helped shape the way I work this comic.

So thank you for the support. This is not a statement in any way announcing the end of Nerd Rage -- in fact, quite contrarily, new strips can be found every Friday on this very page -- I am only announcing that I will not be submitting or commenting in the Reddit community. There are plenty of other places you can keep up with Nerd Rage's updates. I hope you redditors will continue to read.

It's been fun.

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